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What is our Signature Mix?

Our signature mix contains a beautiful, delicious combination of 10 different varieties of greens which are picked and planted weekly. We are proud to offer these micro greens throughout the year and we're sure you will enjoy them!

How Can I Use Micro Greens?

Micro Greens are the easiest, tastiest greens you'll ever eat! There are loads of recipes that you could top off with our delicious Micro Greens:

  • In your salad, for a bolder flavor
  • In a sandwich, for a bigger crunch and taste that's even more nutritious than lettuce
  • On meat to add color AND flavor
  • Sprinkle some on your soup

How do YOU use our Micro Greens?

If you have a special food that you like to garnish with our micro greens,

share it with us!


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