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Who We Are

    Walnut Ridge Acres is a naturally grown family farm owned and operated by Bob and Becky Portmann. Our farm is located in Clarksville, Ohio. We are always open and happy to pick fresh while you wait or just show you around.

    From our grass roots beginnings in 1984, the farm has transformed into a four-season vegetable growing operation. We also raise Berkshire pork available by contacting us.

     Bob and Becky utilize a three-tunnel system kept warm in the winter months by wood stoves. This allows us to grow micro greens, lettuce, spinach, arugula and many other items not normally available during the winter months. This also allows for an early start on the seed grown vegetables for the summer planting as well as earlier than normal offering of vine ripened tomatoes.

     With over 3000 different plants in the field, we harvest all the usual vegetables from Asparugus to zucchini, peppers to melons winter squash. No matter which season it is, Walnut Ridge Acres has something good for your table.

What Makes Us Unique

We maintain two fully functioning green houses. This allows us to grow our produce year-round! We have a small, medium, and large green house in which we grow anything from tomatoes in the summer, to our lettuce and specialty micro-greens throughout the winter months. Even though maintaining our greenhouses means waking up in the middle of a cold winter night to keep the fire going, we will do it if it means we can provide fresh produce to you and your family all year 'round!

Family First

   While farming is obviously a large part of our life, we still keep our family in focus.    Our children are involved with the family farm and help us to market the produce in the summer either by attending markets or helping to pick the fresh produce and flowers. Between planting, watering, weeding, and picking, there's plenty of work to be done.  But the work goes by quick with such great helpers!

LEFT: Our granddaughters Lee Ann (age 9) and Leah (age 7) are a big help when we are picking out in the fields!

ABOVE: Our grandson Braden (age 3) loves to help wash lettuce!

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